Grafana SiriDB HTTP datasource

A SiriDB data source plugin for Grafana.


Go to the Grafana plugins folder. (usually this is /var/lib/grafana/plugins/)

cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins/

Clone the git project into the plugins folder:

git clone

Restart Grafana

sudo systemctl restart grafana-server.service

Quick usage

See the following blog article on how to configure and use this plugin:

More info

A more complete description of the SiriDB data source plugin for Grafana can be found via the link below.


Since SiriDB version 2.0.36 and Grafana-Sirdb-HTTP-datasource version … you can use the build-in HTTP API instead of the SiriDB http connector. In this case you only need to provide URL: https://localhost:9020/query/dbname when you add a data source in Grafana. If you still wish to use the SiriDB HTTP connector you have to configure and start the SiriDB HTTP service and you need to enter the URL:https://localhost:5050/query when adding the data source to Grafana.