The SiriDB Connector for Java is a self-contained Java driver for communicating with SiriDB servers.


First you need to install the Java-QPack library. Add this library to your project.

Now you can install the connector. You can get a copy of the compiled jar file here or clone the repository and compile the code. Add the jar file as library to your project.

Quick usage

The SiriDB Connector can be used to communicate with a single SiriDB server and a more advanced client is provided which can connect to multiple SiriDB servers so queries and inserts are balanced.

An example of how to create a Client can be found below.

hostlist = new String[][]{
    {"localhost", "9000", "-1"},
    {"localhost", "9001", "5"},
    {"localhost", "9002", "1"},
    {"localhost", "9003", "2"}

client = new Client("iris", "siri", "test", hostlist, true);

More info

A more complete description of the java-connector can be found via the link below.