An C extension for PHP. Gives access to commands in PHP code to connect to SiriDB Server and query/insert.


MacOS and Linux

Make sure you have libsiridb and libqpack insatalled on your system and phpize available as command.


sudo make install

Don’t forget to enable the extension via the php.ini file

Quick usage

When installed, you are able to using the following in your php code. To connect to a SiriDB server use:

$siridb_con = siridb_connect('', 9000, 'iris', 'siri', 'testdata_1');
if (!$siridb_con) {
    print("Cannot connect with siridb");

When you want to query something use:

$result = siridb_query($siridb_con, "select * from 'serie_name'");
echo $result; //json

When you want to insert points use:

$result = siridb_insert($siridb_con, array(
    "test_serie" => array(
        array(1582189879, 1.00003),
        array(1582189880, 1.00004)
    "test_serie2" => array(
        array(1582189879, 1.00003),
        array(1582189880, 1.00004)

When you want to close the connection, use:


More info

A more complete description of the PHP-connector can be found via the link below.