status information


show [<option> [,<option> [...]]

See available options for more info on each show command:

  • show active_handles: Returns the active handles which can be used as an indicator for how busy a server is.
  • show active_tasks: Returns the active tasks for the current database.
  • show buffer_path: Returns the local buffer path on this server.
  • show buffer_size: Returns the buffer size in bytes on this server.
  • show dbname: Returns the database name.
  • show dbpath: Returns the local database path on this server.
  • show drop_threshold: Returns the current drop threshold (value between 0 and 1 representing a percentage).
  • show duration_log: Returns the sharding duration for log data on this database (not supported yet).
  • show duration_num: Returns the sharding duration for num data on this database.
  • show fifo_files: Returns the number of fifo files which are used to update the replica server. This value is 0 if the server has no replica. A value greater than 1 could be an indication that replication is not working.
  • show idle_percentage: Returns percentage of idle time since the database was loaded.
  • show idle_time: Returns the idle time in seconds since the database was loaded.
  • show ip_support: Returns the ip support setting on this server.
  • show libuv: Returns the version of libuv on this server.
  • show list_limit: Returns the maximum value which can be used as limit in a list query.
  • show log_level: Returns the current log level for this server.
  • show max_open_files: Returns the maximum open files value used for sharding on this server (if this value is lower than expected, please check the log files for SiriDB as startup time).
  • show mem_usage: Returns the current memory usage in MB’s on this server.
  • show open_files: Returns the number of open files on this server for the selected database (should be 0 when the server is in backup_mode).
  • show pool: Returns the pool ID for this server.
  • show received_points: Returns the number of received points for this server. On each restart of the SiriDB Server the counter will reset to 0. This value is only incremented when this server is receiving points from a client.
  • show reindex_progress: Returns the re-index status on this server. Only available when the database is re-indexing series over pools.
  • show selected_points: Returns the selected points for this server. On each restart of the SiriDB Server the counter will reset to 0. This value includes all points which are read from the local shards and the points received from other servers to respond to a select query. The value is only incremented when this server received the select query from a client.
  • show select_points_limit: Returns the maximum number of points which can be returned with a select query.
  • show server: Returns this server name. The name has format host:port
  • show startup_time: Returns the time in seconds it took to startup the SiriDB database on this server.
  • show status: Returns the current status for this server.
  • show sync_progress: Return synchronization status while creating a new replica server on this server.
  • show time_precision: Returns the time precision for this database.
  • show timezone: Returns the timezone for this database.
  • show uptime: Returns the uptime in seconds this server is running.
  • show uuid: Returns the UUID (unique ID) for this server.
  • show version: Returns the SiriDB version running on this server.
  • show who_am_i: Returns the user who is running this request.


# show the database name and time precision
show dbname, time_precision

# sample output
	"data": [
			"name": "dbname",
			"value": "mydb"
			"name": "time_precision",
			"value": "s"