Filter is used to filter the result by testing it to a value, regular expression or condition.




Arguments Description
val_regex_or_condition A value, regular expression or condition

Return value

An integer, float or string value depending on the series data type.


# Select all values from 'series-001' except where the value is 0
select filter(!= 0) from 'series-001'

# Select all positive values from 'series-001'
select filter(> 0) from 'series-001'

# Select all values containing 'error' and not 'unavailable
select filter(~'error') => filter(!~'unavailable') from 'some-log-series'

# Select all values starting with 'error' using a regular expression
select filter(/error.*/) from 'some-log-series'

# Filter out Not-a-number (nan) and Infinite values
select filter(!=nan) => filter(!=inf) => filter(!=-inf) from 'some-float-series'