drop series

Drops series from SiriDB. Optionally you can use a match and/or where statement to filter the series you want to drop. For more information about how to match series look at list series.

SiriDB has a mechanism to protect you from accidentally dropping all (or many) series. This is done with a threshold value. If the server receives a drop request that contains more series than the threshold, the request is denied and you receive an error_msg. The drop_threshold value will not be checked by other servers in the cluster.

You can view the current drop_threshold with show drop_threshold. See alter database on how to change this value. The default drop threshold is set to 1 (100%) which means you cannot drop all series but any other amount will pass. The drop threshold can be set to a value between 0 and 1. For example a value of 0.5 means you cannot drop more than 50% of the available series.

It is also possible to ignore the drop_threshold for one request by adding set ignore_threshold true.


Before using a regular expression to drop series, you can check the expression first using count series and/or list series and see if your match has the expected result.


drop series [series_match] [where ...] [set ignore_threshold true/false]


# Drop series "series-001"
drop series "series-001"

# Drop all series
drop series set ignore_threshold true