set address/port

Usually it’s not required to change the server’s address or port using this command but instead you should change the address/port in the configuration file (default /etc/siridb/siridb.conf). When the server gets online it will contact all SiriDB servers and they will automatically update to the new address/port in their local database. However, if all servers in a cluster are updated at once, we need to tell at least one SiriDB server where to find the other server(s). This should be the only situation when this command is required.


# srv1 and srv2 both have changed to another address so
# they are not able find each other. The command below
# is executed on srv1 and tells where to find srv2.

alter server 'srv2.old.domain:9010' set address ''

# After executing the above command, srv1 will connect to srv2
# using the new domain name and announces its own new address so
# srv2 will update the address automatically and will connect
# to srv1 again.