count servers

Count servers returns the number of servers in a SiriDB cluster.

Received_points are the number of points received by a server since uptime. And the selected points are the total number of queried points since uptime After a restart these counters are reset to zero.


Received points only shows the number of points after uptime. For the total number of points you can use count series length


count servers [received_points/selected_points] [where ...]


# Get number of servers
count servers

# Get number of servers in pool 0
count servers where pool == 0

# Get total received points since uptime
count servers received_points

# Get total number of selected (queried) points since uptime
count servers selected_points

Example output (count servers):

{"servers": 6}

Example output (count servers received_points):

{"count": 21573435683}