drop servers

Can be used to remove a server. We only allow dropping a server which has a replica since scaling down in number of pools is currently not supported. A server needs to be turned off before it can be dropped.


When having two servers in a pool, let’s call them siri1 and siri2 and for some reason siri2 is broken and does not start. You might be in a situation where siri1 is waiting for siri2 to connect and start to synchronize data. Both servers are not working in this case but when dropping siri2, siri1 removes the ‘wait for synchronization’ status and starts accepting inserts and queries.


drop server <server_uuid / server_name>


# Drop server 'siri2:9010'. We first need to turn off
# this server and make sure the server has a replica.
drop server 'siri2:9010'